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Leading Dry Eye Treatments

Having dry eyes can cause discomfort, especially when it becomes a persistent problem. At Bettner Vision in Colorado Springs, Colorado, our eye doctors specialize in vision care such as treating dry eyes. To make your dry eyes feel better and to manage the condition or even reverse it, here’s a look at the leading dry eye treatments.

Artificial Tears

For people with mild cases of dry eyes, an over-the-counter eye lubricant, known as artificial tears, functions to moisten the eyes. However, if you experience chronic dry eye, you may need to use an ointment at night, which coats your eyes more sufficiently than eye drops do, but can cause your vision to be temporarily blurry. You can also wear airtight goggles while you sleep to keep your eyes moist.

Dry Eye Treatment for Inflammation

If you have inflammation in your eyelids, which may be caused by an underlying health condition such as diabetes or as a side effect of a medication like antihistamines, your oil glands may not be adequately secreting oil into your tears. Cyclosporine, a rheumatoid arthritis medication, may be prescribed to prevent inflammation and can be used in the form of prescription eye drops as a dry eye treatment.

Stimulate Tears

You can boost the production of tears by taking cholinergic, which require a prescription and can be taken as a pill, gel or eye drops. Steroid eye drops may also be recommended as a dry eye treatment. Some types of antibiotics can stimulate oil production in the glands, which is helpful because tears evaporate quickly when your eyes lack sufficient oil.

Altering the Tear Duct

Another optometry dry eye treatment is to partially or completely close your tear duct to keep tears from quickly draining away. This procedure uses either silicone plugs that are removable or ones that dissolve over time. For a more permanent remedy, your doctor may perform thermal cautery, which uses heat to close your tear duct, with the resulting scar forming a permanent plug.

Therapeutic Lenses

Special contact lenses, called scleral or bandage contacts, are available for people with dry eyes caused when tears are lost too quickly. These lenses prevent moisture from escaping away from the eyes to help relieve more severe cases of dry eyes.


For patients who have blocked oil glands, their dry eyes may be relieved with LipiFlow thermal pulsation, a cup-like device that uses heat and pressure to massage the lower eyelid, helping to keep eyes moist and clearing the oil glands. However, a warm compress and gentle massage may be sufficient to unblock oil glands.

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