Glaucoma is the greatest cause of blindness in the United States. Over 64 million people worldwide live with the disease every day. For some the affects of glaucoma are present, but they are not detrimental, for others, the effects of glaucoma are life changing. The professionals here at Bettner Vision in Colorado Springs, our mission is to educate as many people about the dangers glaucoma and other diseases pose to their sight.

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More Than Meets The Eye

As prevalent as glaucoma is, it is a disease that is still a mystery to the average person. When most people hear the word glaucoma, they think of a disease. Glaucoma is not a singular disease, but rather a bundle of diseases that combine to establish conditions that cause damage to a person’s vision via the optic nerve. The notion that the optic nerve is damaged due to an increase in the pressure of the eyes is not always the case when glaucoma is present. It is possible for eye pressure to be within normal limits and the eyes are still damages due to the weakening of the optic nerve.

Understand The Risk Factors Associated With Glaucoma

Our optometry team can’t possibly stress how important it is for people to have a comprehensive eye exam done at least once a year. The most important reason for people to have a yearly exam is to make sure that there are not any detectable changes in their eyes, as glaucoma is a condition that sneaks up on people without warning. In the earliest stages of the disease there generally aren’t any noticeable symptoms. There are some risk factors that people need to be aware of when it comes to glaucoma.

Our optometry team wants people to be aware that glaucoma can attack people in all age groups. There are many people who believe that glaucoma is a disease that attacks older adults. There are some circumstances and situations which make some people more at risk of acquiring the disease than others. People who have a family history of glaucoma are at higher risk of the disease than someone who doesn’t. People who have had eye injuries in the past are at higher risk of developing the disease. People who are over the age of 40 and those from certain ethnic groups like African Americans, Hispanic and Russians are also at higher risk of developing the disease.

Do What You Can To Protect Your Vision

If you have one or more of the risk factors known to be associated with glaucoma our eye doctor advises you to find a doctor of optometry to add to your health care team. Our optometry team also recommends you to note any changes you notice in regard to your vision. Even if you think those changes are minimal, take a moment or two to write them down along with the date and time, and keep your notes someplace safe so that you can take them with you to your optometry appointment. To learn more about the risk factors associated with glaucoma, give us a call here at Bettner Vision in Colorado Springs at 719-282-0400 to schedule your appointment today.


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