Pediatric Eye Exams

Ensuring that your children’s eyesight is in tip top shape is one of our main priorities at Bettner Vision. Our pediatric specialists examine children from infancy to the age of 18 and can provide advice not only on corrective steps, but also on preventative measures.

Also, to ensure that your child feels comfortable in our offices, we have created a relaxed environment with many of our tests designed to be age appropriate and based around games. By bringing some fun into the process we have found that children tend to respond better. This, in turn, gives us a more accurate assessment of their vision.

We provide a comprehensive exam that goes beyond just checking for 20/20 sight. Our tests also measure how your child perceives distance, and evaluates the visual skills they need for learning, sports and daily life.

As you know, your child’s sight is not fully developed at birth. Instead it evolves rapidly during their early years as they develop their vision through seeing, touching and exploring. Therefore, the ideal time for their first pediatric eye exam is at around six months old. This allows time for their eyes to mature enough that a careful examination can reveal any potential issues. We can then provide an early corrective course of action if required.

It is important that your child maintains a regular schedule of annual eye tests. This is to ensure that they are not showing any changes in their ability to evaluate distance, focus and to assess the overall health of their eyes.

Should there be the need for corrective action, we offer a wide range of age appropriate glasses and contacts lenses. These are child friendly and are able to endure the occasional mishap. We also offer a range of corneal refractive therapy lenses that can assist with any early visual problems.

The key thing to remember is that the earlier we can diagnose a problem, the more options we have to take corrective action. By staying alert for any vision issues that your child may be having, you can bring it to our attention as soon as possible. Call our office or visit our website today to schedule your next eye exam at Bettner Vision in north Colorado Springs.

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