The Scleral Lens Journey

Your Scleral Lens Journey

Fitting Day – You’re on your way to clear vision!

During Fitting Day, your doctor will start with a specific diagnostic lens based upon specialized measurements taken of your cornea. The doctor or technician will insert the lens for the first time and the lens will settle for at least 20 minutes before the doctor evaluates it.

After letting the lens settle, the doctor will evaluate the fit of the lens. If the fit is inadequate, a new diagnostic lens will be selected. The doctor will make sure there’s not too much or too little fluid within the lens and that the lens fits the eye snuggly, without being too tight. Finally, the doctor will determine the prescription needed to give you the best vision possible and order your first pair of customized lenses.

Dispensing Day – Your Lenses and You

Once your lenses arrive, you will be contacted to schedule your Dispensing Day appointment. A skilled technician will train you on how to put your lenses in, take your lenses, out, and care for your lenses. This visit will last around 30 minutes. After you’ve inserted your lenses and allowed them to settle, the doctor will check your vision, confirm the prescription is accurate, and make sure the lenses fit your eye the way they should.

It’s very common that the initial pair of lenses won’t be your fully personalized and customized final lenses, and new lenses will be ordered that day to improve the fit, vision, or both! If the fit and vision are good enough, you’ll be able to take your lenses with you!

Check Up Day!

If new lenses were ordered at your last visit, we’ll have you put these lenses on your eyes, and you’ll see the improvements that were made! If no lenses were ordered at the last visit, we’ll check and make sure the lenses are performing up to snuff! Your doctor will make any changes necessary at this visit by ordering new lenses or scheduling a later follow up.

Follow up visits will be scheduled on a regular basis whether more frequently if needed to perfect the fit or less frequent if your customized lenses are good to go!

Remember, this is a journey and it may take 4 or 5 pairs of lenses before you’re in your final pair!

Enjoy your new world of clear and comfortable vision!

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